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Madera Values Quarterly is your local coupon mailer in full-color magazine format that is distributed to the greater Madera area. Mailed directly to residences in Madera, this family-oriented magazine is widely anticipated every quarter. Coupons, special offers, discounts and service offers fill the pages of each magazine in an attractive and appealing advertising opportunity.


Madera Values Quarterly is mailed directly to residents. We target postal carrier routes to over 26,000 households in City Of Madera, Madera County, Madera Ranchos and Chowchilla. In addition, 2,000 copies are now available in many local Madera businesses including inside WalMart, PakNSave, Bridgestore, Gateway Market & Vons Oakhurst, CA

Advertising Value:

For about 2-3 cents per home, your business is featured in our magazine. We have a professional graphic artist on staff to design your advertisement for no charge. We provide an eye-catching, effective design for the fraction of the cost of a postage stamp.

Advertise With Us:

To advertise in Madera Values Quarterly please contact Steven Rios at (559) 673-6957 (Se Habla Espanol). We will make arrangements to come out and meet with you and discuss your advertising needs to make sure your business gets the maximum exposure it deserves.

In short, this is what we offer:

1. LOCAL MAILING to within 15 miles of your business. Magazines are Mailed to 26,000 Select Households in City Of Madera, Madera County, Madera Ranchos & Chowchilla.

2. AVAILABLE IN MADERA BUSINESSES in addition 2,000 copies are now available in many local Madera businesses including inside WalMart, PakNSave, Bridgestore, Gateway Market & Vons Oakhurst, CA.

3. MAGAZINE STYLE is distinctive and attractive enough to remain in homes.

4. HIGH QUALITY PAPER makes the colors shine and makes your ad stand out on the page.

5. MEASURABILITY ensures you capitalize on advertising dollars spent.

6. EXTREMELY REASONABLE PRICING and will tailor a campaign to your budget.

7. FREE AD DESIGN provided by our talented graphic design team.

8. FREE Social Network Marketing your business services/coupons will be listed on Facebook & Twitter.

9. FREE INTERNET PRESENCE on our search engine optimized 256-bit encrypted secured with maps to business, link to facebook page, link to website, qr codes, printable menus, business click-to-call links for mobile browsers and printable coupons. We will also link your website from

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