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Covered California

October 1, 2013, marks a new day in history.  ALL citizens will be guaranteed to be eligible for health insurance.  ACA, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act.  Is it?  Some people will get help paying for their monthly premiums and some people will get help paying for their out of pocket expenses toward their health care.  However, others will have to pay more. 

You can consult with a Certified Covered California Agent to see what you may or may not qualify for.  Call Cindy Vail today:  559-674-5450 or email

Today health insurance companies will NOT ask any medical questions.  Your monthly premium will be calculated by zip code, age, number family members under age 26 and income.. Yes, income!

Let's see how this pans out.  The first day, the site went down and last night the so-called systems administrative experts were working out the glitches.  Today is another day.

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